Weddings and Events
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Weddings and Events

What We Offer

Here at Nine we offer delicious food, freshly cooked in our kitchen with the freshest locally sourced produce there is to offer.

With years’ worth of knowledge and a new look on catering and events we have a great deal of knowledge mixed with our hard work and determination we have gained a solid foundation for our business.


As a team we have a strong passion for not only delicious food but to provide an overall unforgettable experience, we offer full support and any advice to ensure you have a perfect day and it is completely stress free and fun.


Like with wine we take our time to meticulously pair our clients with the right food to ensure we cater perfectly for your needs.

In House Events

If you are looking for a venue to host your event, we could be the people to help.

Whether it is a Birthday, Baby shower or a smaller wedding we can help you find exactly what you are looking for.


We have a range of different menus and styles of food to suit every occasion and also with the right information provided we can cater for guests with allergies or dietary requirements.

Outside Catering Events

If you are looking to host an event in a specific location and need food or drink that is on the go, we can provide just that.

We have a fully licenced portable horse box bar that can be used just about anywhere, it is newly done up and defiantly eye catching. This could be the perfect extra to your outdoor fun.


If you are looking for food, we have a few options that we can offer and a great team to help you choose the perfect menu for your occasion. These will be subject to the location/ venue and what facilities are needed/ provided but we will be sure to help find the best options for you and your guests.